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Why Metro Dogs

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Why Metro Dogs?

With so many dog walkers, why choose Metro Dogs? In short, we love animals and seek to provide their critical basic needs of socialization and exercise. Coupled with years of experience and extensive research, we have found the absolute happiest and healthiest dogs are those that get regular exercise and socialization everyday (Please find the supporting sources below). Because of this philosophy, we proudly feature services such as our Park Social and Hump Day Hike amongst others. These unique services have differentiated and separated us from the traditional dog walker who provides brief walks with a leash.

Our Park Social service is instinctively what dogs crave, which is off-leash playtime with other dogs. Our expert team of senior staff members will pick up your dog, as well as 2-4 additional dogs, and utilize one of the many dog parks in the area. Your dog will play and socialize off-leash with other dogs for at least 30 minutes while carefully supervised by our knowledgeable team. Our Hump Day Hike is an extension of our Park Social and is offered every Wednesday for a minimum of 1.5 hours. Each dog is taken to a local enclosed dog run to play off-leash with a group of dogs. This is a nice change of scenery for them and ensures they will have a long day of socialization, exercise, and fun. Rest assured your dog will return home happy and wiped out!

Since 2006, Metro Dogs LLC has been satisfying many dogs and customers. We continuously make efforts to improve our company. We are members of numerous animal and pet organizations and actively participate in local charities and fund raising events for the greater good of our local environment and pet population. For your dog’s safety and protection, we are insured and bonded through Pet Sitters International.

Benefits of Socialization
and Exercise:

“The ASPCA supports the development of community “dog parks” or “dog runs” as a means for urban dogs in particular to exercise off leash and socialize with other dogs. The ASPCA believes that dog parks are beneficial to both dogs and their guardians, who frequently share dog-care information and exert peer pressure on others to become more responsible as well as demonstrate the value of the human/companion animal bond to the public at large.” Via

“Dog parks give dogs a place to exercise safely, thus reducing barking and other problem behaviors.” Dan Emerson of Dog

“Dog Parks: Benefits and Liabilities” by Laurel Allen
Master of Environmental Studies Capstone Projects
University of Pennsylvania

A Good Diet & Exercise!

“Play affects the development of the physical, mental and emotional life of your dog. Proper play helps to develop your dog’s coordination, timing, and skills needed…” (Paul Owens, author of The Dog Whisperer: A Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training.)

Owens suggests at least two fifteen-minute periods devoted to nonviolent play daily. The third ingredient is socialization. Exercise is also an essential ingredient. A dog must learn how to interact with its human family and neighbors as well as other animals. A dog will learn to adapt to social situations through the use of its five senses. There are two kinds of socialization applications, which include active and passive. Active socialization is learned by introducing a dog to new people, activities, and toys. Passive socialization is learned while away from its owner by smelling, touching, seeing, and hearing other animals, plants, and environments. Exposure to both will give a dog confidence and it is suggested that the more exposure to new things the better.

Brian Kilcommons author of Good Owners, Great Dogs a Training Manual for Humans and Their Canine Companions states that “If one single factor is responsible for problems between dog and owner it is insufficient exercise. Dogs are active. If you give them an outlet, they will burn off the excess energy running and playing. If you don’t, they will make your life miserable. They’ll bark, chew, dig or be constantly in motion. Pent-up energy makes anxiety and stress problems worse and adds housebreaking mistakes and whining to the list of optimal ways to spend time.”

Dogs are naturally social and become stressed by the hours waiting for their owner to return home. Exercise and play provide an outlet for that stress and “playing with other dogs is one of the best and easiest ways to exercise your pet” In order to reduce stress, it is best to increase the amount of a dog’s activity prior to an especially hectic schedule of the owner (Kilcommons, 1999).

Health benefits from “Working Out With Your Dog” by Shawn Hamilton.

Stronger circulatory and respiratory system
Prevention of obesity
Better flexibility in muscles and joints
Improved digestion
Increased oxygen flow
Relief of boredom
An active and alert mind

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